In Housedress Heaven Vol. 2

Pretty for The Pixies
Da Da Da-Dum!

Hey!  Remember theeeeeese guys? 



And how I turned the middle one into thiiiiiiis guy? 



And how I vowed to make 3 compleeeeetely different dresses out of each of these identical housedresses? 

Well…That’s what Imma gonna do. 

Today, I’m focusing on the seafoamy floral one on the right.  It is still fantastically, mindnumbingling hot here in SC (It’s like you’re constantly walking into a fat, sweaty kid’s armpit), and I wanted something that would keep me cool all day and into the night (I hate changing clothes multiple times in one day…I’m a busy woman with no time for costume changes!). 

First off, I got to work at removing the sleeves with my seam ripper.  Marty snuck a pic of me in action! 

Not Very Action-Packed. :(


When I was done, the dress looked like this. 

Look, you stupid bastard! You haven't got any arms left!


Then I made a big cut… 

Uno Shouldero!


Do you see where I’m going here? 

As raw edges are gross and icky, I got to work on sewing them under.  First the solo arm hole… 

So Sad that the lovely, mysterious lighting in this photo is being wasted on a pinned armhole. :(


Sew that hole!


Then, I pinned and sewed my new neckline-sans-shoulder down… 

Brand Spankin' New Neckline!


Finally, I took the whole thing in 1.5 inches on each side so it would stay up on my wee (yes, wee.) frame and snipped off the excess fabric. 

Take it in!


Now I have a fun little frock that I can wear in a few different ways. 

For work, I paired it with jeans and an old refashioned coverup I made forever ago from a big old nightgown.  To make the dress work more like a top, I pulled fabric through a sash from this refashion tied around my waist to make it more tunic-like. 

workin'...but my shoulder yearns to be free!


For lunch, I tossed the coverup aside and rocked it as a cute lil top… 

Lunchtime = my shoulder gets to come out and play!


And for dinner that night, I continued rocking it even further as a lil dress! 






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  1. “It is still fantastically, mindnumbingling hot here in SC (It’s like you’re constantly walking into a fat, sweaty kid’s armpit)” —– I am from SC (Charleston) and this had me cracking up!

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