Pretty for The Pixies

Staycation Garb
In Housedress Heaven Vol. 2

Let me start off by saying I had absolutely no high hopes for this dress when I found it.  I sort of liked the print, but that really was about it.

Don't let the smile fool ya...Weirdo ties around the neck scare me.

Always up for a challenge, I decided to give it a go!  First off, that ridonkulous neck tie action had to stop.  I grabbed my seam ripper and got to it!

BuhBye Mr. Tie!

You can see how the neck tie thingy went alllllll the waaaaaay arooooound the collar of the dress in one solid sash…Perfect for me to use as a waist sash.  I sewed down the raw edgy part that used to be around the collar…

Stitchin' that sash!

Then I needed to finish off the collar of the dress.  First I pinned the raw neckline down and sewed it under.

Pinned and prepped for the machine. Nice.

Now that the raw edge was secure, I needed to change the neckline to a nice, deep, V.

Freeing that neckline to let the girls breathe a bit.

I put the newly pinned V through my machine and instantly fixed that frumpish neckline.

Next on the agenda was those hideous sleeves! Gone. And. Gone.

Basement Kitteh...keeper of da ugly sleeves.

I sewed the raw edges of my newly shortened sleeves down.  This piece was slowly coming together.  :)

Now…the biggest problem about this dress was…well…the bigness of the dress.  It needed to be taken in and made to accommodate some curves.  I put the dress on, pinned it at my bust, waist, arms, and hips, and then measured how much fabric would need to be removed to make it fit.  I then turned it inside out and pinned along both side seams accordingly and took it in…

Trimming the fat.

I was allllllllmost done.  I had put off shortening the dress to see if I actually wanted to keep the length as-is.  Nah.  It was just too businessy for the fun day that lay ahead.  Time to bring the shortness…

Say bye to the length and hello to my legs, y'all.

I pinned the new hem and sewed it under, pressed all my new hems/seams/whathaveyous, and was DONE!  :)

TA DA!!!!!!!! :)
TA DA!!!! (take two)

Lemme tell ya…I was kinda thrilled with how this one turned out.  A Good thing, as I was going to Asheville, NC with my dear friend, Alex to see theeeeeeese guys!

Holy Crap! It's The friggin' PIXIES!!!!!!!!! :)

The PIXIES!!!!!! OH. MY. GAH.  I really thought any chance I ever had at seeing them live had passed.  Thank you, dear Pixies, for putting aside your creative differences and coming together for what will very likely be the last tour you’ll ever do, as you’ll probably start hating each other again reeeeeal soon-like.  :) :) :) :)

On the way to Asheville, we were distracted by a sign for a gelato cafe whimsically named,”The Happy Frog”.  We pulled over and found this…

Creamy. Caramel. BACON Gelato!!!!!!

Of cource the concert absolutely rocked this girl’s sockies off! The Pixies continue to be utterly amaaaazing!!!

I would go into more detail, but frankly I’m a tad hungover.  Time to sod off to bed.    I’ll leave you with a few more pics below.

Oooooh,  FYI…I have this week off (we all need a staycation every now and then :) ), so be looking for almost daily, if not daily, blog posts all week!

Have fun at work today…Suckas.  ;)

Best. Indian. Food. Ever.: Mela!
Lamb Saag! My fave! :)
The PIXIES!!!!
Thrill Kill and Slaughterhouse all up in this hizzy.
That mug is seriously bigger than my head!

Cheers!  :)

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  1. Hey, I very quickly met you at the Pixies concert as a friend of Nicole Haghshenas and she told me about your blog. I love seeing what you can do with Goodwill pieces! Very inspiring.

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