Staycation Garb

Pretty for The Pixies

What could be better for a staycation than a Muu Muu?'s a Muu Muu.

Don’t worry folks…I’m not letting myself go.  I have no intention of chillin’ all day in this as-is…although these ladies make it look like it could be fun…

They look so happy...

Oh yeah…and check out these awesome sleeves!

Flower Power!

First off…I hacked off some of that length.  I was in the mood for some antiquing and being lazy, so jeans were in order for the day.

Basement Kitteh assists in the shortening process.

Next, I needed to take it in…lots.  This guy was huuuuuuuge (and no “that’s what she said” comments)!

measure...then pin!
sew then trim!

Then I hemmed the bottom raw edge under, and was done!

Emo Hemming.

After tying on a colorful sash, I had a fun, comfy top to wear for a day of antiquing/hanging out.  :)

Lovin' a lazy Tuesday!

And by the way…here are a few things I found in antique shops that didn’t quite belong…Seriously folks…

Your paperback copy of Twilight...NOT an antique.
Your old gamecok cap...NOT an antique.
Your kid's old pikachu purse...NOT an antique
This is America's favorite beverage...NOT an antique!

Later Taters!

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