Puppy Love

That's a Wrap (skirt)!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today’s dress began as a not-so-hot matronly mess.

The opposite of attractive

‘Nuff said, right?  I liked the pretty purple floral print, and the fabric was delightfully soft.  But this wasn’t going to work out as-is.

First off, I removed these icky guys.

Ick! Pads!

Shoulder pads gross me out.  You know how everyone talks about sponges being breeding grounds for bacteria?  That’s how I feel about shoulder pads…and people sewed these permanently into their clothes?!?!!! ACK!  The “before” shots where I’m wearing shoulder pads always make me a bit squeamish. 

Now that the detestable pads were gone, I needed to make a couple of cuts. 

They joyous return of Basement Kitteh!
Byeeeee frumpy sleeves!

Next, I pinned down those raw edges so they wouldn’t fray. 


I threaded my machine with some purple thread, and got to bidness.

Hem that Hem!
Hem that Sleeve! Do it!

Now I needed to take on that lame neckline.  First off, I removed the first few buttons from the top of the dress, including this one.

Kiss my brass(,) button!

I pinned the neckline down into a V, and ran each side  through my sewing machine.  I pressed all my new hems and was good to go!

A major improvement!

The new sleeve length was terrif, but not adequate to keep me warm and toasty on this chilly November day.  I threw on one of my favorite 2 G’s cardigans while at work.

Seriously...one of my favorite sweaters ever!

After work, I went to my sister’s house for some family time and puppy love.  :)

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  1. What a cute change!! You are very creative. Love the new look. There really are some cute fabrics on the vintage dresses. It’s nice to be able to save that for modern times!! Keep up the great work.

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