Holidays on Ice

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My fella and I have recently chosen to cohabitate (my cat needed a father figure in her life).  We decided to have a holiday party to celebrate.  The house was cleaned and readied…but much like Cinderella before the ball, I had nothing to wear.  Luckily, I had something that I knew would do the trick.

Betty White is soooooo jealous right now...

Of course as-is, this couldn’t rock a lemonade social at a nursing home, let alone a holiday party. 

First off, I snipped off one of the shoulder pads.

Byeeee solo pad!

Yep…just one pad.  There was no need to bother with the other one, because I was about to massacre this dress. didn't fall into my garbage disposal...there is a method to my madness!

The length just got shorter, and the neckline just got a whole helluva lot more exciting.  Time to finish the job.

Sewing the hem...

One the hem was sewn, I needed to finish the raw edge at the top of the dress.  First I turned the edge under twice, about 1/2 inch all around.

about to go under the needle

I ran the top of the dress through my machine.  I tried it on and pinned it at the top on my right side where I would need to take it in a bit to make it fit.  After a quick sew, I was done!  I quickly pressed my new hems, and threw my new dress on just in time to greet my first guests!  :)

a proper party dress
chillin with the fiance
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