Cute as a Button

Muu (Muu) Ha Ha!
Teal We Meet Again

Jazz Hands!  Today’s dress reminded me of my high school chorus’ (which I never joined…partially due to the ugly uniform) dresses, hence my show choir pose.

A suitable dress that doesn't suit me

At least I look happier than this chick…


As the only singing  I was gearing up for was taking place on the Karaoke stage, not a high school cafeterium, Changes had to be made.

First off, I easily removed the velcroed-in shoulder pads…


and stuck them on random objects in my house.

The lamp is now protected!

What you can’t really make out in the “before” shot, is that this is a sweater dress!  Perfect for keeping me warm on a chilly, rainy night!  Still…I needed to get rid of that length and take it in a bit…which is exactly what I did!

Basement Kitteh looks on skeptically
Taking it in 1" on each side
Pinning my new hem!
Sewing that spankin' new hem!

So…now that I had taken my new dress in and up, it was looking mucho bettero.  However…it was still fairly plain and boring.  I decided to dig through my massive box ‘o buttons and pulled out these guys.


Then, I hand-stitched them in a cluster near the bottom of the dress.

Cool Vintage Buttons!

I threw on some warm brown boots and brown accessories and was all set for a night of Trivi-YEAH at The Whig followed by Karaoke at Art Bar!

Cute as a button!

Oh…and check out my awesome new fave sweater!  It’s an uber-warm army sweater I snagged for a buck!  Complete with elbow patches and epaulets!  It’s a bit boxy, but I think I’ll leave it as-is.  :)

Do I love this sweater?!?! Sir! Yes Sir! :)

I braved the cold and rain to meet my teammates (yay Team What About Bob!) for a night of brain teasing and karaoke pleasing!

The Team:


Alex: Knows about Greek stuff


Bob: Knows all the answers to the Grateful Dead questions
Marty: Music Guru
Jillian: Has a surprising grasp of


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  1. Amazing how a few cute buttons can add such PIZAZZ!!! Once again thinking outside the box. Hurray! And, hurray for Basement Kitteh–I love her/him. So nice to have a wonderful inspiration and assistance. Keep going!!

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