Muu (Muu) Ha Ha!

Bursting at the Seams
Cute as a Button

Well lookie at this!

Muu Muu!

I’ve got a big solo-pocketed muu muu!  It’s comfy (once you give up your sense of dignity), but I can’t go out looking like this!

First off, I cut a bit off the bottom.  This will be my sash later.

Basement Kitteh peers into your soul.

Then, I pinned the muu muu at the bust, waist, and hips where it would fit me.  I used my sewing gauge to make sure each side was even.

Let the transformation begin!

I ran it through my machine, even the sleeves.


I chopped of the excess material from each side. I was sad to see that solo pocket go, but was consoled by how nicely this dress was turning out.  :)

Byeee Pocket! You'll be missed!

Now for that raw edge on the bottom!  I pinned my new hem under and ran it under the needle.

Hello there, Mr. Hem!

Remember that scrap I hacked off the bottom originally?  I gave it a new life as the sash for my sweet new dress.  I folded it over once, inside out, and pinned it.

Oh hai, Mr. Future Sash!

Then I sewed it up!

Well hello there, Mr. Sash!

I trimmed off the excess fabric, turned my tube ‘o fabric inside out, and sewed the ends closed.

And that’s it!  I was all done and had an adorable dress to go hit up some art events in.  :)

From frump to fab!

Check out my new ‘do!  I just got it trimmed for the first time since I shaved it several months ago for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (to raise money for childhood cancer research).  Now I no longer look like the 5th Beatle! :)

I headed out to check out some fun art events downtown, including an exhibition featuring my very talented boss, Clay Burnette.  He makes amazing pine straw baskets, jewelery, and hand-woven scarves.

a tisket
a tasket
such amazing baskets!
Look! It's Clark Ellefson!


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11 thoughts on “Muu (Muu) Ha Ha!

  1. I refashion stuff too and one of my next projects is a muu muu so it is interesting to see your take! Turned out lovely!

  2. Is that Clark’s first appearance on your blog?!

    Great work with the moo moo too.

    And can I get my soul back from Basement Kitteh? She more than peered into it. Just sayin’.

    1. I think it is Clark’s first appearance (unless you count his framed robot head in every “before” pic) :) And no…you cannot have your soul back. You should know by now to never look basement kitteh directly in the eyes. :)

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