Animal Print Urges

A Whimsical Wristlet
Behind Every Good Woman Lies a Trail of Men

I stumbled upon this dress at a newly discovered thrift store where all clothing is 50 cents (and no..I’m not telling where it is!).

Welcome to the jungle!

Perhaps I’m still delirious from having been a bit under the weather lately, but I liked this dress a good bit, and didn’t feel the need to change it too much.  Oh..and look at the fancy shoulders!


For whatever reason, I was really digging the leopard print.  However, It was too long, and a bit too big for me.  No worries.

Check out these pointy pads!

Basement kitteh stalks the pointy pads.

They may amuse basement kitteh, but I’m not so fond of them.

Basement Kitteh has a pointy new pal!

I deftly trimmed off the excess fabric from the bottom.


Then, I pinned down my new hem.


Now that my new hem was pinned and prepped, I ran it through my machine.

No leopards were harmed in the making of this dress.

I pressed my hem, and was almost done.

Now…the top of this dress was suuuuper blousy, but I actually liked it.  I took it in a bit by adding a safety pin on the back from the inside.  Seriously…you can’t tell it’s there.  I know…it’s a slacker move, but I could either spend loads of time taking it in slightly, or just stick a safety pin in the waist and get the same result.  This time, I went with the path of least resistance.

Instant alteration!

And here’s how it turned out!


Alright…so this wasn’t an overly dramatic transformation, but I really liked this dress a lot just as it was.  Also, I bought its dark blue twin in my thrifting trip.  That’s right, I will be refashioning an IDENTICAL DRESS, except for it being a dark blue, in a different way very soon.  :)

about to brave the cold to catch some culture!

My new dress was a fun frock for frolicking (hehe) to the Columbia Museum of Art for their new Arts and Draughts night (First Friday of every month), where I checked out some awesome bands, got another look at my dress which is still on display, and sipped a few tasty brews!

Ooooh! It's hot local artist, Matt Mattox!!!


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