A Colorful Saturday

Tube Top Italiano

Sometimes I just can’t wear clothes how they’re intended.  Today’s top was another kind donation from Heather who bought it at a museum.  Does anyone know the title and/or artist of this painting???? It’s driving me nuts that I can’t think of it!

What is this painting?????

Two things about this top weren’t working for me.  First, it was a little too big, and therefore not very flattering on me.  Second, long sleeves weren’t going to work on an almost 90 degree day!

Time for a quick no-sew refashion!  First, I pulled my arms through the neck hole like so.


Step 1!


Then, I tied the sleeves of the top around my neck to make a halter top!


Halter! Who goes there?



The back

I liked how tying the sleeves around my neck made the bust of the top have a sort of cowl neck look.  :)


My newly refashioned top was perfect for a late afternoon/early evening Agora 11: Music and Visual Art Celebration!


Giant Can 'o Beer!


My giant can of booze led me to an act of anarchy.


I am above the law!!!!!!


Fortunately, Eric was there to pull me away from a future life of crime.


Hi Eric!






  1. Absolutely gorgeous and looks like it was made to be worn this way, the colours are beautiful, great job lady!!

  2. Wow! I’m seriously impressed! I’m going to try this with a couple of shirts I have. I can’t tell who painted it either. Is it Marc Chagall?

  3. Really cute top. I would have never thought to do the sleeves that way. Now, I’m off to find some long sleeve tops to turn into halters.

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