Flowers on my Shoulders

Dye! Dye! My Darling!
Trouser Dress

Check out this un-fun frock!  The print is sweet (as was the 50 cent price tag), but the style is certainly lacking!

Not fun at all!

These icky guys had to go!


I decided to turn the dress around and make the button-up back the new front.  Then I made a big chop!  That’s right…I’m not keeping this as a dress.  It’s been rather chilly as of the last few days, and I want to keep my little leggies warm in jeans.


I’m definitely keeping the scrap from the skirt.  I think I’ll make it into a flowy tank top for warmer weather.  :)  I pinned, hemmed and pressed the bottom of my new blouse, pinned the neck into a very deep V (I wanted to keep the neckline versatile), and was done!

Roses are red...

I threw on my snood-esque beret to complete the outfit…

It's all good in the snood!

…and played with my new kitty, Gypsy!

Hi Gypsy!
For those of you wondering what has become of Basement Kitteh, don’t worry.  Basement Kitteh had been developing anxiety issues for a while.  :(  Her vet reassured me that she wasn’t sick, just really anxious; She was even on kitty antidepressants.  I tried everything my vet suggested to make her a happy, less stressed kitteh, but nothing worked.  :(  After much sad thinking, I re-homed her with someone who had another cat for her to play with, to see if that would help.  And it did.  Now she’s happy with her kitty friend and new owners (but I still miss her lots).  :)
Fella and I adopted Gypsy from Pets Inc, a local no-kill shelter.  She and her kittens (Yes, she was a teen mom) were tossed out of a car and left there.  Her kittens were all adopted right away, but little Gypsy had been at the shelter for a few weeks.  Now she’s happy in her new home, and we’re thrilled to have her as a part of our little family.  :)
The lovely Gypsy! :)
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6 thoughts on “Flowers on my Shoulders

  1. That’s odd – I also have just adopted a new cat who was a teen mum abandoned by her owners. Her four kittens were quickly adopted but nobody wanted her, so I took her on. I thought they were all mad myself as she’s such a beautiful good natured cat. Anyway, she had belonged to a Roma family so as a nod to her past we called her…Gypsy (Rose Lee).

  2. I am happy to read that Basement Kitteh is doing well in her new home……and that you have given another kitty a great home! Congrats!

  3. YAY, so VERY VERY glad to learn that nothing horrid happened to Edith!!!!!!! …I wonder if she would have been happy again at home, if you had adopted Gypsy sooner?? Ah well!! At least both kitties have happy homes. {Yes, i know that at the time of my writing, Gypsy is in “dad’s” custody, & my heart broke for you when i learned that!} 8-(

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