My DIY Save the Dates

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Fella and I have been engaged for a while now, and have finally set the date for our big day!  I decided to make my own Save the Date magnets from a bunch of materials that were about to be thrown out by my buddy’s business.  Yup…these were totally FREE for me to make.  :)

I had a bunch of colored file folders.


I had loads of fabric scraps from all my sewing projects.


I had a big stack of these magnets from last year’s symphony season (not too useful for anyone now).


I also had some really nice letterhead stationery and envelopes that were an old logo, and were about to be thrown out with the folders and magnets.

I cut, pasted, and sewed.


And now I have some pretty awesome Save the Date magnets for our nearest and dearest! :)

Love em!

They're magnets!

They have envelopes!

They look terrific, they’re eco-friendly, and they didn’t cost a thing! :)





  1. What a beautiful way to announce your special day in a way that says a lot about who you are. Good for you – they are really wonderful!

  2. I just found your blog via refashion co-op, you are very creative. I like your work!


  3. I am TOTALLY stealing this idea next year when I get married!! They are WAY too cute!!

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