Day 3: Urban Re-doer

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!!
Day 2: Off the Beaded Path

When I first saw today’s top, I was consumed with apathy.


Not very exciting, eh?  I might have dismissed it altogether except for this:

I likey!

the back of the top reminded me of something I saw on the Urban Outfitters site.

Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Crossback T - $30

I like a lot of the clothing designs I see at Urban Outfitters, but I never buy anything.  I can’t get behind their political affiliations (we all have our principles).  I do enjoy copycatting items I see there though.  :)

All I needed to do to make my top look more like theirs was chop off the sleeves.


And that was it.   :)

Birds of a Feather

I took the removed sleeves, turned them inside out, and sewed the bottoms up.


Now I have gift bags for the bottles of vino I brought to Jonny’s moving party!

Wine sleeves!


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