Day 5: I’ve never even been to Oxford

Day 6: A Home for Mat
Day 4: Happy 4th!!!!

Today’s shirt began as one of my least favorite types of clothing.  The preppy Oxford.

Give me coffee, or I will seriously hurt you.

Bleh.  I hate oxfords.  I’m about to do a number on this one by Ralph Lauren.  The top of this shirt had a couple of small stains on it, so I just chopped it off.


I turned the raw edges under twice, and pinned them down.  For the sleeve sections, I pinned them together.  I ran it all under my machine, and pressed my new hems.


Now I have a cute, non-oxford top!

Perfect to toss on over my bikini top!

And check out the back!

Tied and Secure

I spent most of the day being lazy…watching old movies and playing old video games.  We all need a lazy day every now and again, right?

Lounging on the sofa

I hung out in my swimsuit all day in preparation for an evening swim (kind of like I did when I was a kid) with a couple of very awesome guys.  :)

Swimming Buddies!


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4 thoughts on “Day 5: I’ve never even been to Oxford

  1. Maybe cutting the sleeves off instead of just tying them in the back would make it look less like a hurried project. Just sayin’……

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