Day 12: Jilly Pocket Skirt

Day 13: Breakfast Club Top
Day 11: DIY Save the World Bags

Today’s skirt began looking like this:


T’was a big wrinkly linen mess.  As it is freakishly hot here in SC, I removed some of that length.  My legs needed a bit more breathing room!


Next, I hemmed my skirt by folding it under twice and pinning it.

Use your seam gauge to keep the hem Even Steven!

Next, I ran my new hem through my machine, which was freshly loaded with a happy Kelly Green thread.

What the underside of the hem looks like

While shortening the skirt really did make quite a difference, I thought this skirt needed a bit more panache.  I removed a pocket from a damaged pair of Lily Pulitzer pants that I have lurking in my stash.

Pretty Pocket!

I pinned it to my skirt, and then put it through my machine, sewing around the edge.

Pinned and ready to be attached!

I think my new skirt is much improved, don’t you?

Digging my new hand holder!
Gotta Love Pockets!


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