Day 17: Paint the Town Teal Dress

Day 18: Wine not? Jeans
Day 16: Sparkle and Flow Top

I couldn’t get over my hatred for the sleeves of this dress.

It's like an Elizabethan Nightgown. :/

I am not pleased.  I love the color of this dress, but the button-up neckline and poufy sleeves were killing it for me.

So…I removed the sleeves with my seam ripper.  This actually took quite a while as the seams were verrrrry well-serged.


Now we’re getting somewhere!

Sleeveless...but still not quite done!

See all of those leftover broken threads?  Rather than picking them all out (which takes forever), roll over them with a sticky lint roller.  :)  It’ll take ’em right out in no time.

I took the raw edges, turned them under, and pinned them.


I ran the new armholes through my machine.  Muuuuch better!  This dress works perfectly as a sun dress!  I unbuttoned all but one of the buttons on the front placket, and was ready for a delightful leisurely day!

A Perfect Saturday Dress!

I went for a walk along the riverbank…

Stop and smell the flowers, will ya?

followed by a tasty melon cocktail at Wet Willie’s!  :)


I hope everyone is having a mahvelous weekend!  :)


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8 thoughts on “Day 17: Paint the Town Teal Dress

    1. Sadly, the sleeve buttons were in pretty bad shape. They’re covered in the same fabric as the dress, but were wearing out. :/ But you’re right…the sleeves COULD be made into a scarf! Hmmmmm! :)

  1. I just learned how to take out those serged seams. I took an advanced serging class you to pull out the lock stitch which is the straight stitch. Then it will all unwind nicely. It sucks if it’s a 4 thread bc then there r two. :) I’ve tried it and it’s awesome!!! :)


  2. aaaw, I love the original buttons and if the sleeves weren’t so long they’d be cute, except for you mentioning the buttons needed work. It makes me think of the dress the girl wears in Howl’s Moving Castle, only hers has a collar too at the top.

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