Day 23: Layers o’ Lace Top

Day 24: Viva Las Vegas Dress
Day 22: J Jillian Top

I get a little giddy when I find a dress that is truly bad.

Feeling a bit "Dynasty"

There’s nowhere for this dress to go but up!  I like the lace and I like the fortuny-style pleating, but I can’t stand them together (sensory overload!), so I removed the skirt.

Fortuny meet Floor.

I also had to remove these icky guys:

Ick. And Ick.

I might’ve left the sleeves on if it wasn’t so very hot outside, but as we’re in the middle of a heat wave, they had to go.  Remember…it doesn’t get cool at night in the south; It just gets dark.

Hot de-sleeving action!

When the sleeves were removed, I pinned the raw edges under, and sewed them down.

Pinned under!

The three layers of fabric were a pain to work with, but I got everything sewed down just fine.  :)


Next, I had to fix that neckline.  You guys are going to get absolutely sick of me turning everything into a V-neck, and I promise to throw a bit more variety in there soon!  I usually choose a V-neck because I have a short neck, and the V gives the illusion of a longer neck.  Hey…we all have our insecurities.  :)

Pin that V!

Once the new neckline was pinned in place, I stitched it down, and headed off to Hunter Gatherer for a few tasty pints of pale ale and the Rockabilly stylings of the Flat Out Strangers!

Recognize the sash from a refashion I did last year?
Teal = My favortie color!

I styled my new top with a couple of accessories. ;)

My FAVORITE accessories!

…and paused for a pic with a member of the band.  :)

Literally a Flat Out Stranger. :)
Mmmmmm! Tasty HG Pale Ale!


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11 thoughts on “Day 23: Layers o’ Lace Top

  1. “Remember…it doesn’t get cool at night in the south; It just gets dark.” – how freaking true…and the heat/humidity seems all the more oppressing. however…not oppressing – your gorgeous top. i loves it

  2. Question: You often create a v-neck by cutting a slit. But, most v-necks have some lining or facing piece on the wrong side. How do you insure that the very tip of the v-neck doesn’t fray or ravel when you don’t really have any material to turn under?

    1. You’re right…I really haven’t done any interfacing for my V-necks. I take that tiny bit ‘o fabric at the tip of the V and stitch it together afer I’ve sewn the sides under. :)

  3. And … you should totally make something out of all those shoulder pads! Cat toys? Pillow covers? A quilt (you’d probably have enough!)

    1. Shoulderpads gross me out. I know…it’s weird. I think of them as being like sponges…collecting years and years of bacteria. Even after washing them, they still make me squeamish. But you’re right…I could totally turn them into mice stuffed with catnip for little Gypsy. :) That’s a good idea!

  4. Catnip meeces was exactly what I was thinking of for cat toys! Can’t wait to see one. Maybe a donation to a local shelter too.

  5. I have been reading your blog for the past 4 days straight!(Broke my leg and have nothing else to do) I love love all your refashions! I feel like I know you or something, and you totally make me wanna learn to sew! You lead a very interesting life, I feel like I could never be as creative as you and also I am a bigger 30 yr old so many styles that work so great, dont actually work so great on me! Wish I would’ve caught the Rachel Ray episode with you on it.

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