Day 28: Pretty in Paisley Dress

Day 29: Water Park Tee
Day 27: New Life for Old Tees

Today’s dress started off as a way too big lightweight halter dress.  Waaaay too big.

I look like an overgrown toddler.

The pattern is lovely, and I dig the lightweight fabric for a hot and humid SC day.  Unfortunately, this thing is absolutely massive on me!

Not only that, but the shirred elastic back was all wonky and stretched out.  :(


Luckily, taking care of one problem will take care of the other for this dress.  :)

I decided to take the dress in from the back, thus eliminating the stretched-out part of the elastic.  This was super-duper easy.

First, I pinned all the way down the dress, then I ran it under the needle.  :)


I lopped off all that excess material and was left with this:

I'm totally thinking headscarf!

Now I have a verrrrry cute & weather appropriate dress that’s pretty darn fetching!


You can’t even tell I took the back in at all!


I skipped out the door in my new dress to an awesome mid-week party (yep…partying on a school night).  :)  A girl there commented, “Every time I see you, you’re wearing a different cute dress.”.  That made me giggle.  :)

Me & Alex (in his Carolina Wreckingballs Men's Roller Derby T)!
Orange Slice Jello Shots!
There's always room for Jello!
Photobomber strikes again!


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