Day 37: Lady in Red Dress

Day 38: Dexy's Midnight Runner Top
Day 36: Shirt is Skirt

Hey guys…remember that red bolero from Day 26?   Well…it didn’t travel alone!

Ooh la...nah. :(

I’m guessing the bolero and dress combo were a mother of the bride outfit at some point.  The dress doesn’t fit me at all, but there’s potential!

First, I had to deal with a place on the front where the fabric had been all picked and pulled.

It's hard to see in the pic, but loook for it...

I grabbed my razor, and simply shaved the pulls and picks off.

Gillette...the best a dress can get!

Now it was time to tackle the size.  I needed to take it in on the sides, but they were boned.  I thought for a while about how I wanted to tackle this, and decided to just take out the boning (I didn’t need it) from the sides so I could take it in easily.  :)


Next, I ran each side through my machine to take it all in a bit.

Take it all in!

I cut off the excess material and was oh-so-close to being done!

The straps were still too long, so I did a quick & dirty fix to shorten them from the back.

A quick fix

Now I’m ready to kick off the weekend in style!

Ooh la la!
Hello there!

I spent the evening watching Art Bar Players Improv and hanging out with friends.  :)

I had to get a pic with J.J. in that awesome jacket!
Prom Photo Pose!


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7 thoughts on “Day 37: Lady in Red Dress

  1. FABULOUS remake!! I love that you utilize the hems and designs that are already present on this dress. Prom pic is adorable, too!

  2. Gorgeous dress and very glamorous on you.

    A razor!?!? and to think I bought a bobble-off a while back, I bet a razor will be cleaner on the fabric since it’s finer. Will try that. Thanks!

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