Day 38: Dexy’s Midnight Runner Top

Day 39: The Official ReFashionista Tee
Day 37: Lady in Red Dress

I accidentally slept in a bit longer than I intended today, dear readers.  I usually get up quite early to write the day’s blog/begin a new refashion.  This is quite impressive for a gal who used to sleep in with the reckless abandon of a hungover college freshman.  I decided this was a good day for a no-sew refashion.  :)

I began with this Ann Taylor Loft Skirt.

A perfectly fine skirt.

This was another freebie that had a couple of spots on it when I first got it, but I managed to wash them out.  As there wasn’t anything really wrong with the skirt, and I think Revente’s Last Call can sell it now, I decided not to do any permanent refashioning.

Instead, I used the sash as a strap for my new top!  :)

Comfy as can be!

It’s not the most flattering top in the world, but I’m really okay with that.  It was super comfy, and I got several compliments on it.  Sometimes wearing something odd is fun, because a lot of people will just assume you’re fashion-forward, not that you just decided to tie a skirt on as a top.  ;)

I wore my skirt-top to Cellar on Greene for their amazing huge wine tasting!

Happy Little Winos! :)

I spent the evening vegging out with my fella and the most addictive snack in the world.  I ate the whole bag, much to Fella’s horror.  :)

All about the Booty!


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5 thoughts on “Day 38: Dexy’s Midnight Runner Top

  1. Love the top..did not like the skirt…looked like a old maternity outfit…But you are so talented….I wish I could do the things you do.

  2. A bow! I found a bow! You recently said you don’t like them and to dare someone to find one! Well i did! Love your work by the way, have copied many a refash all the way in Sydney. :)

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