Day 39: The Official ReFashionista Tee

Day 40: A Basic Khaki Skirt
Day 38: Dexy's Midnight Runner Top

Don’t you just hate dingy white tees?


Especially when they have weirdo blue spots on them?

Weird blue spots!

I have two of these dingy bespeckled tees, and I’m going to take care of them in the same way.  First, I tied several knots in them and pulled out my favorite color from my dye stash.

Keepin' it real in Teal!

I tossed them into their dye bath for about 30 minutes…

Taking a dip in the dye!

…Then gave them a thorough rinse.

Rinsey Rinsey!

After my tees were tied, dyed, and dried, I was ready for Phase 2!

I pulled out some iron-on letters from my stash and placed them on one of the tees like so:

What does it say????

Then, I pressed them on!


I peeled off the backing from each letter.

What does it say?


Nothing like a good shameless plug!  :)

That's me!
My first official tee!

I wore my new tee to brunch with friends where a few mimosas were happily consumed.

Hippie Chic!

After brunch, we visited the newest addition to our circle of friends.  :)

Meet baby Ava!


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7 thoughts on “Day 39: The Official ReFashionista Tee

  1. So I cant really afford fabric dye right now and have been using your blog for inspiration while my husband gets situated in his new job. For three months he wasn’t working and it took a big toll on us as a family and I found myself wavering day by day in many ways. But this blog inspired me to try something new. I bought needle, thread and pins since I don’t know how to use nor have a sowing machine. I looked at the clothes I had in my closet that never fit or I never wore and decided to go for it. Yesterday I wore my first project, a lace skirt I made out of a too short dress. I decided to find dyes I can afford and found this website and wanted to share it with you. It uses onions and veggies to make dyes. Haven’t tried it yet but will be doing so.

    Your blog already has a purpose already but it has impacted me greatly and so means even more to me. It gave me a motivation in a difficult time. Thank you so much!

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