Day 41: A Refashion fail and a last minute win!

Day 42: Wrap-Around Silk Top
Day 40: A Basic Khaki Skirt

Wow.  This was a rough one!  :/

Remember how I made two tie dye tees on Day 39?

Okay...not bad.

I thought I’d have fun with the extra one and use a bleach pen to make a fun giveaway gift! Seems nice, right?

I got the idea from this kid craft website.  It featured this photo:

He's a smug little bastard, isn't he?

This kid has to be what…like seven?  “Oh hells yeah…I can do this!” I said to myself.

My project began well enough…

Oooh! It's already working!

As the bleach began to work, it looked like this:

Oh fun! A nifty tee in progress!

The instructions on the kid dream-crushing website told me this would take about 2 hours to be done.  “Perfect!” I thought to myself, “I’ll go to my yoga class, and wash it when I get back!”

When I got back home, the tee looked more like this:


Pretty awful, isn’t it?  It looks like a ghostie decided to haunt a hypercolor shirt or something!

I should have given up then and there, but Fella suggested I fill in the letters in the bleach spots somehow.

I grabbed my painting stash from my Tortured Artist days, and got to work.

At this point, I was clearly delusional.

I actually thought this looked good while I was doing it.

Oy. This is soooo bad.

The tee looked terrrrrible!  It looked like something I might have made at summer camp when I was five!  That stupid blonde kid lied…with his happy sun and his “Heck yeah…I made this shirt…didn’t even have to try.” look on his face!  Grrrrr….

I began cutting strips.  I ended up cutting 4 strips and twisting them together in 2s.

Then, I followed this tutorial on how to make a Recyled Tshirt Knotted Bracelet from This Old Dress.

Now, I have a cute teal bracelet…and plenty of Tshirt fabric left over to make more!

It beats a crappy Tshirt any day!
The bottom

Whew!  So that was majorly non-fun.  :(  Screwing up a project sucks, but hey…those screw-ups can lead to entirely different projects that’ll turn out just swell! :)


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  1. I’m sitting with my dogs laughing hysterically because of your “smug little bastard” caption. The dogs look concerned by my maniacal cackling but I thank you for the much needed laugh. I love your blog and creations!

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