Day 45: Black & White & Cool All Over

Day 46: An Unmentionable Refashion
Day 44: How to Borrow Your Friends' Clothes When They Don't Fit You

Hooray for old lady dresses! :)

Nice shoulder pads!

I just love an old lady dress refashion, don’t you?  :)

I loved the print and the pockets, but this dress needed lots of help!  First off, I removed those shoulder pads (yay! More toys for shelter kitties!) and that weirdo fake shirt panel.

Yo fake're not fooling anybody!

Then, I chopped off the sleeves and some of the length.

Choppy Choppy!

I actually ended up completely removing the sleeves….so just imagine they aren’t there at all.  :)

Next, I hemmed the skirt.

Pin, then hem!

I took the upper part of the shoulders of the dress, and folded them under.  Then, I sewed them down.

Narrowing those shoulders!

I pressed everything, and was done!  Now that old lady dress is ready for a fun Saturday!  :)

A fun play dress!
Whatever shall I do today?

After making my sweet frock, I got to work on bottling a batch of Ginger Beer!

Ginger Beer!

I got the recipe here.  I can’t wait to see how my Ginger Beer turns out!  Hopefully they won’t end up exploding all over my kitchen.  :)

That night, I met up with friends at The Nickelodeon, where we watched the incredibly funny Brit flick, The Trip.

Funny Fellas!

After watching this film, I’m yearning to go on a foodie road trip of my own.  I think I’ll have to make that happen soon!   Hopefully my finances can handle the dances.  :)

Happy Moviegoers!



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21 thoughts on “Day 45: Black & White & Cool All Over

  1. Love the dress, but am currently now more excited to know how your ginger beer works out….the hard bit is waiting for a while :( Haven´t seen this movie, love the actors so am going to have to look out for it. Good luck with the ginger beer!

  2. When making ginger beer, do not substitute baking yeast for brewer’s yeast. If you do, you will have explosions. Let us know how your ginger beer turns out?

    1. Thanks! One of the reasons I got into refashioning was that I’d see dresses in expensive boutiques and think about how I could make something similar out of something from the thrift store. :)

  3. You mentioned shoulder pads and shelter kittens. Do you donate your shoulder pads to shelters? That’s a fabulous idea and I wanted to know so I can do the same. I have bags of shoulder pads removed from refashioned garments!

    1. Thank you! I plan on doing a tutorial on how to make the mice really soon. :) I’m trying to time it with a weekend where I’m free to visit the shelter cats. :) Feel free to share it all you like. They’re really easy to make. :)

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