Day 54: Pink Panther Safari Shirt

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II
Day 53: A Coveted Tee

Today’s piece was a 50 cent find that began its life as a Lands End shirt dress.

Think Pink!

I like the pockets and the epaulets on the shoulders, but It’s obviously way to big for me.  This shirt dress had other issues as well.

Torn Out Buttons! :(

A few of the buttons near the bottom of the dress had been completely torn out, leaving big holes in the front placket!  :(  Blerg!

I chopped off the bottom of the shirt dress where the last of the torn out buttons was.


I wasn’t happy with how much I ended up having to chop off.  :(  I wanted to keep it as a dress, but that wasn’t going to happen.

I took it in about 1 1/2 inches on each side.

A Straight Stitch and a Zigzag Stitch.

You can see where I initially went through with a straight stitch, and then sewed a zigzag stitch next to it.  That’s so the edges wouldn’t go fray-crazy when I chopped off the excess fabric.

I hemmed the bottom edge, pressed everything, and was done.

Now I’m prepared if ever Mary Kay sends me on safari!

Ready for Safari!

Forgive the weirdo-looking hair.  It was quite windy out!

See what I mean?


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2 thoughts on “Day 54: Pink Panther Safari Shirt

  1. I’ve just finished reading your blog from the beginning, and you are an inspiration!
    You’ve achieved some amazing transformations.
    The only refashioning I’ve done is make things using bedding or curtains (please come and see the top I’ve just made on my blog) but that’s really like using new fabric not altering an existing garment. I’m definitely going to search out clothes I can refashion now.

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