Day 58: Take Me Out of the Ball Game Top

Day 59: Fixing a Fail
Day 57: Aloha Bolero & A Nana Giveaway!

Today’s top began as a perfectly boring baseball tee.

A boring stretched-out tee. :(

This was a castoff from Sid & Nancy.  The neck was all stretched out.

No worries!  That stretched-out neck is going to come in quite handy.  :)

I turned the tee inside-out, and pinned a line from one side of the neck to the bottom of the shirt, leaving one of the arms on the other side.

Hot Pinning Action!

Then, I ran it through my machine.

Hot Needle on Shirt Action!

To finish it off, I cut off the smaller side, including the sleeve.

Hot Scissor on Fabric Action!

Now that boring tee is anything but!

One shoulder is free to play!

Recognize anything from Day 52?  :)

I wore my cool new top out for the evening to celebrate the start of what promises to be an awesome weekend!  :)

Chillin' at the Whig


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4 thoughts on “Day 58: Take Me Out of the Ball Game Top

  1. this is so simple…and honestly this is one of my favorite refashions that you have done. in beauty there is simplicity, in simplicity there is beauty. i love this…no really

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