Day 60: Carowinds Top

Day 61: Warm & Cozy
Day 59: Fixing a Fail

Today’s piece began as a rather tacky (and not very flattering) dress. that a mermaid?!

I didn’t like the cheap acrylic fabric or the random tacky print.  Also, a dress wasn’t going to work for the day’s plans.  :)

First off, I shortened the straps, so I wouldn’t be quite so boobalicious. :)

Keep it short.

Then, I hacked off the length.

Chopping off some of the tackiness!

And that was it!  I was ready to hit some awesome roller coasters with some awesome friends at Carowinds!  :)

Ready to ride!
Taking a break with Alex!
Sharing a bevvie with the Fella! :)

Sadly, my new top wasn’t completely water-proof.  :/

We show water rides no fear! :)

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend, too!  :)

Keeping it Classy at Carowinds!


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