Day 85: Leaf if All to Me Dress

Day 86: Purple Rainforest Dress...Take 2!
Day 84: Den Mother Dress

When I saw today’s dress, I fell in love.  I knew it would be perfect for Fall!  :)

I couldn't leaf it alone!

I mean, check out that print!


Time to get to work!  I snipped off the bottom pleated tier from the dress.


I’ll definitely be able to use the leftovers from this refashion later.  The gears are turning already.  :)

Back to the dress!  I took in each side.


Then I put it under the needle!


After trimming away all that extra fabric, I still needed to give that neckline a little help.   The back of the dress has a button closure.  I put the dress on backwards, removed the buttons, and pinned down a new V-neck!

Pin it. Then sew it!

I stitched my V-neck down and pressed my new dress.  Now it’s perfect for early Fall!  :)

Lovin' those leaves! :)

My new dress was comfy as could be for a day of work, followed by an evening of Rifftrax with friends!  :)

Buds! :)
Oh hai, Nick! :)


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