Day 89: Leaf it All to Me Top

Day 90: Case Closed!
Day 88: Welcome to Asheville Dress

You guys remember this dress from Day 85, right?

Remember me?

Remember how I had this scrap left over?

Remember moi?

When I was packing for the trip to Asheville, I tossed that scrap in my bag.  When I woke up for Day 2 of our Asheville adventure, I got to work.


In my dedication to packing light, I refrained from bringing my sewing machine on the road with me, so this will have to be a no-sew refashion.

Basically, I pulled the skirt-thing tight under my arms, and secured it with a vintage brooch that belonged to my Grandma.  :)

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I ended up wearing this top hiking all day, and it was surprisingly comfortable.  :)  Sorry I completely failed to get any pics in the beautiful outdoors, other than my yard when I got home.  :(

Easy and Breezy!
A perfect long weekend top! :)


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