Day 91: Tribal Dress

Day 92: June Cleaver Dress
Day 90: Case Closed!

Today’s dress began as an outdated not-so-swell fitting mumsy number.

Not too flattering. :/

Not to worry!  I know just what to do.  :) I chopped off some of that length.


Then, I sewed the bottom scrap into a sash to give this dress a bit more shape.

I hemmed the bottom of my new dress.

Hemming that raw edge! :)

I pressed my new hem and sash, and now I have a very cute and current tribal print dress!  Also, this was a no-waste refashion!  :)


I wore my fun new frock for a night of karaoke with friends.  :)

I covet that hat!
J & J!


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11 thoughts on “Day 91: Tribal Dress

  1. I really love your posts! You are so innovative and I am amazed by what you can do with the outfits :) Wish I was that talented!

    – Lisa @

  2. You are one very talented young lady! You have given me several ideas! I’m,unfortunatly not as small as you are so will take a little more work. Love all your refashions!

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