Day 94: Gauzy Top

Day 95: Apple Orchard Dress
Day 93: Sequins and Lace Top

Meet my frumpy new frock!  It’s not very fun, is it?


It’s looking a bit too Laura Ingalls Wilder at the moment, eh?  :/

Not to worry!  This won’t be hard to fix.  :)

I made a a big cut.


Now I have a sweet gauzy top!  I cinched it at the waist with a sash from an earlier refashion.

Gauzy and uber-comfy! :)

My new top was just what I needed for a day of erranding followed by a tasty pizza and wine from Za’s!

Glug Glug! :)


8 thoughts on “Day 94: Gauzy Top

  1. Loved what you did with this one. One thought I’d like to share. When you have so much ease in the neckline, did you consider taking up the extra ease at the shoulder seams. You could taper off the shoulder seam so that the sleeve width is not decreased. This would raise the neckline a tad and you wouldn’t have to layer.

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