Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress
Day 99: Enter the Sharpie

Whoa!  I’ve made it to Day 100 of this crazy year of refashioning!  :)  Huzzah!  Time to frock up and celebrate! :D

Feeling exposed. :(

I’m not usually a modest gal.  I’d be completely content to wear any backless, strapless what-have-yous every day.  However, I’m not a fan of leaving my ta tas (or lackthereof) right out in the open for all to see.  :/ This dress was also too big for me in the arms.

I turned the dress around and tied the arms around my neck halter-style.  Now I have much cuter frock to celebrate reaching triple digits in!  :)

Fashion Blogger Pose = Look Bored and Hungry
Le back!

See?  You can’t even tell that this dress is really a long-sleever!  :)

Great minds thinking alike!


12 thoughts on “Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over

  1. wow, i can’t BELIEVE how beautiful that dress became! it was okay to begin with, but it became something truly amazing!! (i’m of course yet another person who found you on pintrest and am reading the entire blog in reverse :)

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