Day 106: A Trouser Take-In

Day 107: Paint it Teal
Day 105: Cobaltic Avenue Dress

Welcome to my pants! :D

Hop on in!

When I saw these sweet wide-legged Levi trousers at my favorite $1 thrift store, I thought they’d fit just fine.  Unfortunately, they were a quite large.  They’re women’s pants, but they’re huge in the crotch!  The waist was big as well.  :/

I used to think taking in pants was too hard for me, but this year is all about trying new challenges.  I pinned the inseam of each leg through the crotch about 1″.

Take it in!

Then I carefully ran it through my machine.


I trimmed off the extra fabric with my pinking shears.  But yet…the waist was still too big.  :(

Not to worry!  I sewed a dart down the middle seam.

Dart in Waiting!

After sewing down my dart, my trousers were ready for a fun day of erranding.  While out and about, I put together a sweet care package for a good friend of mine who’s teaching in China for a year.  I hope it all makes it through customs (It’s all pretty non-perishable)!  :)

Fun Goodies! :)

Later that evening, I met up with another good friend for a few glasses of wine.  :)

Hi there!

I love my new high-waisted trousers!  They lend such a classic 30’s look to any outfit!  :)


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