Day 127: Stacy B. Dress

Day 128: Philharmonic Dress
Day 126: Plastic Letters Dress

I was super-excited when I received this dress in the mail from Stacy!  :) Inside, the tag reads, “Made to wear anywhere!”, but I don’t quite believe it.

Made to wear anywhere?

Stacy included a note that read:

This is a dress I got from my favorite thrift store, the ARG.  Each year, at Halloween time they put out racks and racks of vintage clothing and call it “costumes”.  This one caught my eye cos of the pocket and button detailing at the throat.

I, too, am a sucker for fun details.  She and I think alike!  Time to get to work!

First I cut off part of the sleeves (sorry…forgot to snap a pic).

Then, I pinned down each side about 2 1/2″.  I pinned the sleeves snugly at the top, and gradually belled at the ends.  :)


Then, I sewed up each side.

Dress Lipo!

I cut off the excess fabric, and then trimmed some length from the bottom of the dress.


I finished off my dress by hemming the bottom raw edge, as well as those sleeves.


Now my dress is fitted and perfect for work.   :)

Sweet Office Gear. :)

Thanks so much Stacy!  :)

Lovin' it!


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