Day 128: Philharmonic Dress

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles
Day 127: Stacy B. Dress

I have no tolerance for anything fake, whether it’s sentiment or this weirdo fake double dress.  :/

What?!? Two Dresses?

Sorry dress!  You can’t fool me!

Phony baloney!

I don’t understand this.  Apparently the designer of this dress didn’t think the general public was competent enough to handle their own layering!

I disagree!  I removed those strange fake dress panels, as well as those pads.  :)

You are not needed. Fakers!

Next, I needed to take the rest of the dress in.  I took it in from the back…about 2″.

Pinned all the way down!

As you can see from the pic below, I pinned it the wrong way.  The bulk of the fabric should face the outside.  Whups!  I didn’t have time to re-pin, but it didn’t end up being a big deal at all.  :)


I cut off that excess fabric, and tossed my new cover-up dress over a black mini dress and headed off to a get-together at a friend’s place.  :)

See? I can handle my own layering, thank you very much! :)

I didn’t get to hang out for long.  I was surprised with tix to the SC Philharmonic!  :)  What a treat!



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