Day 133: The Mirror Has Two Dresses

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Day 132: Stenographer Jacket

Today’s piece was taken from the big bag ‘o stuff from Susan Lenz (remember her?).  This one made me giggle.


This is one EXTREME kaftan!  :)  Check out those mirrors all over the chest and hems!

Sadly, about six of the mirrors had fallen off from the top of the kaftan.

Missing persons!

I knew I would be shortening this bad boy, so I cut out some of the mirrors from the bottom hem, and relocated them to the top of the dress.  :)

Hot Glue Gun Action!

Okay, so now my mirrors are all in place!  Time to de-tackify this motha!

First, I snipped off those neck tie thingies.  They were a bit much!

No time for tassels!

 Next, I chopped off the length, getting rid of that extra mirror action on the bottom.


Next came a quick hem and a press.

...with a fun contrasting thread!

I wrapped the side ties of the dress around me twice to give my new dress a bit of a kimono-ish look.  Whaddyathink?

It's comfy too!
Woohoo! Free razors!

Allow me to explain the above pic.  :)  I was standing near the entrance of the bar, when in comes this guy with a huge bag of razors.  It turns out, he’s an extreme couponer who got them all for free.  Thanks to him being kind enough to share his spoils, my legs will be smooth all winter!  ;)

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9 thoughts on “Day 133: The Mirror Has Two Dresses

  1. Hi! I hope you’ve received all sorts of new hits on this blog … as yesterday I posted a link to it on one of the art quilt lists. I received two personal emails from other readers … both saying the same thing … “GREAT BLOG. It helps that she’s so darn cute and would look good in anything!” I’m so glad this dress has a new life … and yes, you look stunning in it! I, on the other hand, looked pregnant in it … which at age 52 is impossible and “wrong” on so many different levels!

  2. Love what you did w/ this dress. You simply are smashing in it. Using the ties to make it look like a Kimono style waist band was genius. Again, great going and happy refashioning.

  3. Gorgeous – but um, you might want to wear something underneath it next time! Is it as see-thru as it looks? I thought maybe it’s just reflections but then I saw the ironing board shining through it on the previous pic….

  4. It’s true, you would look good in anything! I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you, I’m just fascinated with how creative and talented you are! I’m having so much fun seeing your transformations.

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