Day 138: Pan Handle Holder

Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress
Day 137: Skort!

I can’t believe I used to throw out all those shoulder pads from my refashions!  I didn’t realize just how very useful they could be.

You’ve seen these guys before (Remember Day 101?).

Sing the praises of pads!

I pinned the two pads together.

Bet you're wondering where I'm going with this...:)

Then I stitched them up like so:


I trimmed off those raw edges, and turned the whole thing inside-out.

Almost done! :)

Now I have a super-handy pot/pan handle cover for removing something tasty from the oven!  :)

My hand is safe & secure! :)
Safety First!

Are you wondering what’s in the pot?  I was in a french mood, so I whipped up a batch of Gratin Dauphinois!  :)  You’re looking at a whooooole lotta cheese, cream, and potatoes!



9 thoughts on “Day 138: Pan Handle Holder

  1. be careful. When I see potholder patterns it always says don’t use polyester thread. Watch out for the danger if it’s polyester, which the shoulder pads mostly are, of catching fire :(

  2. 1~ Agree about the polyester caution; had not thought of that! {I should think the inside is safe?? It is the melting factor that is at issue, plus the fact that it could accidentally catch fire, yes?}
    2~ Jody has a good fix for that: cover them in a safe fabric! {I am guessing that will protect from the potential fire issue??}
    3~ I agree with Amber; where is the recipe for THIS?!? Looks YUMMY & oooh, CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!!! *drool*

  3. Hahaha! Oh my goodness. I’m going through your whole blog right now (yes, your whole blog- started from day one). I saw the sunglass case- the cat nip mouse and now a pot holder. I wonder if the person designing the dress had any idea just how handy these particular shoulder pads could be. :D

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