Day 141: Batgirl Top

Day 142: Fall Foliage Top
Day 140: These Boots Aren't Made For Slouchin'

Don’t worry!  I don’t have rabies!!!! :)

I seriously look like a bat!

I thrifted this crazy knitted thing for $1, because I felt sorry for it.

The poor thing was terribly wounded.  :/



Snags & Pulls! :(

Luckily, these things are easily mendable.  :)

I got to work on the holes, sewing them back up by hand.


Then, I knotted up the pulled yarn, and snipped it off.  :)

Knot & Snip!

I took a sash off of one of my long sweaters, and used it to cinch the waist.  :)

Batgirl in disguise!

I layered it over a wee lil black mini dress, and headed off for a tasting of the 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau!

It's new!
Hi Ken!
Awkward Group Photo!


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6 thoughts on “Day 141: Batgirl Top

  1. I know this has since been donated, but: in the first pic, i wish you would have worn a different colour underneath, so we could see where your ‘undergarment’ ended & the batwing thing began… Coz at first i thought it was all bat garment, but in the bottom pics i realized bat garment had a low neckline… Just a thought for future such items. ;-)

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