Day 142: Fall Foliage Top

Day 143: Hostess with the Mostest Dress
Day 141: Batgirl Top

Check out the foliage!  :)

Fun Foliage!

I knew right away that this was going to be just the thing for a Liquid Thanksgiving Party!  :)  All it needs is just a couple of tweaks.  :)


Now that dress is a perfect top for a chilly fall evening!

From Dress to Top!

Every year, my friend Lisa throws a Liquid Thanksgiving party.  This year she’s teaching in China, so we had to carry on without her….or did we?  :)

Wait...why is Lisa wearing my outfit???

I made a few fun Lisa masks for us to take photos with.  :)

Baby Lisa!
Big Group Photo!
Fun Times!


10 thoughts on “Day 142: Fall Foliage Top

  1. Hi,
    I loved your concept, I have my husbands shirts which is new but my husband dont wear that can you create some dress from formal shirt so I can use that shirts for me.

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