Day 143: Hostess with the Mostest Dress

Day 144: Day Off Dress
Day 142: Fall Foliage Top

Today’s dress wasn’t very fun at first.  :/


I needed something cute & hostess-y for brunch.  This wouldn’t cut it as-is.  I made a big chop!

Bye Frumpy Length!

Next, I pinned the raw edge under.


Then, I sewed it up!


After a quick press, I was ready to set the table for a lovely Sunday Brunch!  :)

Breaking out the Fine China!

Wait…did I say table?  One table wouldn’t seat all of our guests.  Our house is quite small, so we set the coffee table as well!  :)

Table #2! :)

I love having fine china.  :)  Ours was originally bought in the 70’s by Fella’s Mum.   She very kindly gifted it to him, and I’ve taken on the challenge of collecting more of it when I find pieces on ebay and the like.  :)

Our Pattern. :)

Of course, our guests aren’t the sit-down type.   We all filled our plates and mingled, while sipping many many mimosas.  :)

Not the types to sit still. :)
Baby Ava is getting so big! :)
Hi Bob & Fella!
Brunchtime Buds!
Yay for the First Holiday Brunch of the season!

Cheers!  :)

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4 thoughts on “Day 143: Hostess with the Mostest Dress

  1. Ok, I know I’m really late with this but I have the same china! It was my Grandmother’s. When she passed away we all got one “big” thing of her’s and no one wanted that so I took it. I just love this blog and am now going to go take a course on how to sew. Your fashion is amazing!

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