Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top

Day 152: From Undies to Outies!
Day 150: Go Gamecocks!

Today’s piece looks like something right out of The Golden Girls!

Blanche would be proud!
Thank you for being a friend...

I have to admit, I love that show!  But, that doesn’t mean I’m about to start taking my fashion cues from the cast.  :)

The first thing I needed to do was remove the top part of the dress.


Today was simply gorgeous (Yay for crazy SC weather!), so I decided to make a pretty strappy top.  I took in the bottom half by a few inches.

Pin...then sew!

Next, I chopped off the excess material and used it to make a couple of straps.

Stitchin' some straps!

I closed up that raw edge at the top of what would soon be my new top.


I put my new top on my dress form and pinned the straps in place.

Almost done!

After stitching down those straps, my new top was all ready for a day out & about!

Ready for a beautiful day!

Every year, Fella and I get a new ornament for our Christmas Tree.  I was drawn to whimsical lobsters and dinosaurs, while Fella leaned towards the more traditional styles.  We finally decided on this one:

Our new addition!
The Perfect Spot!


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6 thoughts on “Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top

  1. I really did like this dress, the color and the fabric design, good job rescuing it.!! I would look at it and not envision the finished product! Good on you!!

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