Day 170: You Look Good in Blue Dress

Day 171: The Baxter Chair
Day 169: Thanks, Kim!

Welcome to my fancy/awesome old lady dress!

This ain't pretty. :/

I love that blue hue and the gauzy fabric.  But a few things had to go!

Later, losers!

I took one of the sleeves and sewed it into a short sash.


I used the sash to tie the dress in the back, just like on Day 78.  I cinched the waist with one of my fave vintage scarves and was ready to go!

An Easy Racerback Dress! :)

I wore my new dress to go finish up some Christmas shopping with a couple of swell fellas.  :)

Wrangling a Deal! :)


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6 thoughts on “Day 170: You Look Good in Blue Dress

  1. I definitely saw a dress with the same style as the before dress! I was going to get it from Goodwill but wasn’t sure what I would do with it! That was Friday and you did this blog RIGHT after I left it at the store! This post was a GREAT help! Great job! :) Super cute turnout!

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