Day 171: The Baxter Chair

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Day 170: You Look Good in Blue Dress

This is a dingy once-white chair.


This is how it got that way.

Baxter, wipe your feet!

My friends Phillip and David didn’t want to get rid of the chair any more than they wanted to get rid of their beloved Baxter, but after trying to wash those dingy spots away, what could they do?

Fortunately, this chair is one of those IKEA numbas, so what we’re looking at is a stained cover.  They gave it to me, hoping to end up with a nice dark grey cover.

I mixed a box of RIT black dye and 1/3 bottle of RIT green apple dye (so it wouldn’t be totally flat grey), left the cover in the dye for about 20 minutes, and here’s what happened:


Now it looks like a brand new chair!  :)

I hope Baxter approves.  :)

3 thoughts on “Day 171: The Baxter Chair

  1. WOW! You did that!
    I’m impressed and motivated. I have two pieces that desperately need a new look.
    What kind of material should I use in a doggy dominated home. For sustainability.

    Thanks, Laura

  2. Good job. I totally understand Baxter and the white chair dilemma. We made the mistake of getting an off white IKEA couch as well (from a craigslist seller) and our boston terrier, Panda, doesn’t just dirty couches he destroys them…and crawls under them and whimpers to get out from underneath… We’ve been through several couches. For whatever our reason the futon a friend gave us hasn’t been destroyed yet so that’s fortunate. So props to you for fixing your friends’ chair, I’m sure they really, really appreciated it!

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