Day 173: Herbie the Door Mouse

Day 174: Phillip Flipping Lim!
Day 172: Ruffle Scarf

Several months ago, I made this sweet set of mouse ears for my buddy, Herbie.  He’s dressed as the door mouse from Alice in Wonderland!  :)

Isn't he a total cute boots in those ears?

When he dropped off the materials to make the ears, he left me with yards of grey felt…waaaaay more than I really needed.

Fast forward to today, when my landlord did his annual walk-through of our house.  He noticed that my front door was a little drafty.  I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do!

I grabbed my big stash of grey felt, as well a few other scrappies.  :)


I cut out two 42″ x 13″ rectangles from the grey felt.

Big ol' Rectangle!

Then I folded them in half and drew a shape with my fabric marker.

I'll bet you're wondering where I'm going with this. :)

I cut my shape out, and unfolded it.

Cut. It. Out.

Then, I sewed the two sides together, except for the very bottom center.


I turned the whole thing inside out and bugged Fella for a bit with my temporary puppet!

It's not exactly muppet quality, is it?

Time to add a face to this mysterious little guy!

First this...
Then this!

I stuffed my plushy new pal…

Stuff it!

…and now I have an adorable way to keep chilly drafts away from my door this winter!

Meet my new Door Mouse! :)


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  1. Very cute!!! I just may have to steal that idea – my sister’s house is very drafty and she could totally use one of these!

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