Day 175: Christmas Luncheon Dress

Day 176: Hemlock Dress
Day 174: Phillip Flipping Lim!

When Fella invited me over to the radio station where he works for a tasty Christmas Luncheon, my first two thoughts were,

1.  “Yay!  Free Food!”

2.  “Wait a tic…What’ll I wear?”

I decided on this festive frock!  :)

Festive? Or Festering with Frumpitude?

This dress actually fit me really well, but the length was not working.  Also, the lining was peeking out from the outer layer.

The first step I needed to take was pretty obvious.


Then I pinned my new hem down.

Pin it!

I put my new dress under the needle as I fantasized about the tasty French food I was about to be be wolfing down.  :)


I took the sashy tie-things and wrapped them around my back to the front, and pinned them to the front with a pretty vintage flower pin.

Visiting Fella at the Office! :)

Perfect for a day of lunching and finishing up on my holiday errands!  :)


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7 thoughts on “Day 175: Christmas Luncheon Dress

  1. Gorgeous! I love how this dress came out! If only I could find such cute dresses the look half as good on me :p I hope you had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!

  2. Love it.
    Consider some kind of rouching-along-the-sides thing next time you have a dress this shape… I think you could pull it off.

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