Day 179: Jilli’s Day Off Jacket

Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy!
Day 178: Merry Christmas!

Hooray for working for the state and getting two days after Christmas off this year!  :)  I chose this awesome (-ly awful) frock to enjoy my lazy day off.  :)

gotta love that awkward Neck Tie Thingy!

I like the color, and the fabric is oh-so-very soft…but I’m just not feeling this one.  First off, I didn’t want to wear a dress today, so I did a bit of choppage!


I also carefully snipped of that neck tie thingy.

Then, I got to pinning that bottom raw edge.


Now I have a light little jacket to run all over town in!

Love that sea-foamy green! :)

I wore my new jacket to meet a few friends for Sushi and Sake.  :)

Hi there!


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