Day 188: Welcome Back Dress

Day 189: Holey Moley!
Day 187: Step Into My Office Dress

Today’s dress was reminiscent of antique wallpaper.

Flower Power!

This crazy uber floral frock was actually handmade.  This means that someone actually saw this fabric in a store and thought “Hey!  That’s awesome!  I want to make a big tacky dress out of that!”  I don’t get it.

I didn’t pause to think about this for very long.  There was much work to do!

First, I removed those fake pocket flaps from the front of the dress.

Pick 'em off! :)
Bleh! And Bleh!

Next, I took the whole big mess in 2″ on each side

Take that puppy in!

Then I cut off a good bit of the length, and hemmed it.


I took that bottom part that I chopped away, and sewed it into a nice lil matchy-matchy sash, and voila!  I had a fun dress to reunite with my good buddy, Lisa who has been teaching in China for the last six months.

From Sofa Slipcover to Sassy! :)
Hi Lisa! :)



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18 thoughts on “Day 188: Welcome Back Dress

  1. Wow, even on tiny you, that is a LOT of print!!!!! {Those clashing colours are killin’ me too; i dislike red & gold/yellow together, same with red & hot pink…} I was hoping you would also remove the sleeves, just to eliminate some of that outlandishness. *ha ha*

  2. fake pockets are like oatmeal raisin cookies…evil and liars! fantastic refashion. I’m really afraid of colorful prints…maybe I should try it anyways!

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