Day 203: Living My Life Like It’s Golden Skirt

Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress
Day 202: Meet me in Bali Dress

It all began with a skirt.

This skirt.

It’s not a bad skirt, but there are a couple of things I want to change about it.  For starters, I don’t like the black & whiteness of it.  By now, most of you know I’m pretty miserly with my dye.  That tunic from Day 198 wasn’t alone in its bath of Mystery Dye!

Mystery Solved!

So…now that color is looking awesome, but there’s a second problem!

Too Big!

Not a prob!  I quickly stitched a dart in the back of the skirt, which took it all in nicely!

Whirrrr! :)

Now that skirt is looking fab & fetching for a day at work.  See?  I’m sticking to my resolution to not dress like a slob in the workplace!  No jeans or flip flops for this gal!

Loving that golden hue! :)

I wore my fun new frock for a lunch date with a friend at M Vista, my faaaavorite restaurant here in Columbia!

Raw Fish & Seaweed! Nom! :)

The bad cell phone photo doesn’t do it justice, folks.

Oh dear…now I’m hungry again!  :)


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7 thoughts on “Day 203: Living My Life Like It’s Golden Skirt

    1. Thanks! Isn’t dye awesome! I usually use my washing machine, as I can just set it and walk away. I’ve done a few stovetop dyeing projects though…and jar dyeing is super-easy! :)

  1. Have you ever tried using natural dyes? For Halloween, I made the liner for my cape out of some left over silk which I hand dyed. Using a tablespoon of alum, some vinegar, a big pot of water and a bundle of Pearly Everlasting (a local weed) I turned the white silk to a beautiful gold colour. It’s worth looking into in the summer months – plus it’s really fun collecting all the plants for your dye baths :) The only catch is the dye won’t necessarily hold in some synthetic fibers. It will work best with natural materials like cotton, wool and silk.

    Here’s a site that gives a great list of the different colours that can be achieved using specific plants.

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