Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress

Day 205: Grape Jelly Dress
Day 203: Living My Life Like It's Golden Skirt

I love Kaftans!  You could definitely say I’m Kaftan Krazy, because any time I find on hanging on the $1 rack at one of my fave thrift stores, I just have to scoop it up!  You can imagine my glee at finding this sweet numba!

I should be smoking a hookah right now...

Of course, I can’t go out for a fun Friday night looking like this!  First, I pinned each side about 3″ in.  It is time for some lipo!


Next, I ran each side through my machine.  I stitched it in black thread so you can see it clearly.  :)

See it?

I trimmed off that extra fabric with my pinking shears, then tackled that length!  I always do this after taking the dress in, because the dress always becomes shorter in the taking-in process.  If I chopped off the length first, I might end up with something too scandalously short to actually wear!


My dress was really taking shape!  I gave the bottom a brand new hem.


After pressing the whole thing, I was set for an awesome evening!

Check it out! I'm wearing heels!

I was feeling particularly snazzy that night in my sexy high heels!

That was until I tripped and tossed my drink in my face in the process of crashing to the ground!  D’oh!  :/

My life is a series of awkward moments. :(

Not the best start for the night, eh?   What can ya do?  I towled off, and was just fine!  Don’t worry folks…nothing was hurt except my pride!  :)

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And start all over again! :)
Clumsy girls need friends, too! :)

I had a blast hanging out with my friends and watching the comedic stylings of The Art Bar Players.  Huzzah!


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23 thoughts on “Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress

  1. This is so awesome, I am definitely going to have to try one of those kaftans :) Also a question, when you pin the fabric you go horizontal, not vertical, why? Sorry if that’s a really dumb question!

    1. Thanks! And no, that’s not a dumb question at all! I pin horizontally, because it’s faster for me. You’ll notice how the pin heads are always facing right when they’re on my machine? That’s because I’m right-handed and it’s faster for me to remove them as I sew that way. You also run less risk of getting a pin stuck in your machine if the pins are all horizontal. But I know lots of people who prefer vertical. To each her own! :)

  2. That’s REALLY beautiful! Love the colors and pattern – this turned out awesome! Sorry about the fall – happens to all of us girls who wear high heels I’m afraid – and it’s humbling for sure. And…funny. LOL Glad you’re ok!

  3. There are some seriously gorgeous traditional and vintage kaftans out there and they tend to come in oversized shape as standard so this is a great post (with all your other great posts)!

  4. I’m 31 and I just had my spine fused- lots of time just a hangin’ out on the couch. I was SO happy when I found your blog through a pin on Pinterest. I’ve been slowly reading every refashion you’ve done. LOVE your work, especially this dress. You’ve inspired me- I’m on the look out for a dress form now!

  5. I don’t know if I’ve ever bought a muumuu or kaftan from a thrift store…but I think I’ll definitely give it a try sometime in the future using some of your ideas for refashioning. Thanks for posting these blogs!

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