Day 205: Grape Jelly Dress

Day 206: A Perfectly Padded Pouch
Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress

Today I made out like a bandit at my local Goodwill!  I found seven awesome refashionables on the 50 cent rack!  $3.50 for a week’s worth of clothing?  Yes, please!  :)

I especially liked this dress in its lovely purple hue.

Just "Plum" Awesome!

Okay…this dress is obviously not going to fit me as is, but I have a quick no-sew fix for it!

I took the two side seams and pinned them in the back, hiding the safety pin in the fold.


This actually looks really pretty in the back, and gives the dress a nice drape.  :)

The only other issue I had with this dress was those sleeves.  I love how big they are, but that stretched-out elastic wasn’t gonna work.  I carefully snipped out the elastic and pressed each sleeve.  I kept my iron on a pretty low setting so as not to burn any holes in the delicate (and very acrylic) fabric.

Behold the steam!

Now that terrible frumpy frock is looking much better!  It kind of reminds me of a few dress styles from the 1930’s.  :)

Loving those bell sleeves! :)
Purple + Pale Skin = A winner! :)

I wore my dress for a day of erranding, and still managed to find the time to whip up a batch of Peanut Butter Brownies for Fella to take to his rehearsal to share with the rest of the Art Bar Players!

June Cleaver would be so proud!

Cheers!  :)

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5 thoughts on “Day 205: Grape Jelly Dress

  1. This totally made me remember dressing mannequins in retail…this is why the clothes look better on the mannequin most times..They are a larger size and ‘cinched’ to fit!…Thanks for the Reminder!

  2. i stumbled upon your awesome blog by chance and have been hooked ever since. I keep your blog page open on my computer at all times (even at work) and always manage to find some time to go through it.. Loooooove your creativity and spirit.. I had bags full of old clothes of mine that i no longer wear but can’t part with, so they are hanging at the backs of my closets with no purpose,, now I have like tons of ideas to transform them all thanks to you! heck i might even need to start a refashioning blog and compete with you!! keep up the great work,, woman with a purpose, I salute you :)

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