Day 206: A Perfectly Padded Pouch

Day 207: Kelly Dress
Day 205: Grape Jelly Dress

Alright…so I’m more than 200 days in on this project, and despite my best efforts, I’m still plagued with a big drawer full of leftover shoulder pads!  This includes these guys from Day 178  and Day 180!

Hey Guys! Remember us?

If you check out Day 4,  , you’ll notice I’m wearing a really fetching set of blue glass beads.  These are the last thing my Grandmother gave me before she passed away.  They originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother, and for these reasons, I treasure them.

It’s time to make a nice & safe pouch to keep this wonderful necklace safe!  :)

First, I stitched all around each shoulder pad with a contrasting pink thread to give them a quilted look.

Stitchy Stitchy!

Then, I pinned them together, like so:


Under the needle they went!

Stitchin' a perfect pouch!

After I sewed up my pouch, I cut off the extra material from the sides, leaving the rounded top for a flap!

Almost done!

I turned the whole thing inside-out, and stitched part of an old hair elastic to the middle of the flap.

What else can you do with a stretched-out hair tie?

I’m almost done!  I dug through my huge tin ‘o buttons to find one that work nicely for my nifty pouch.  :)

So many little time! :)

Here’s a neat hint…If you ever have to hand stitch anything, run your thread over an unlit candle like so:

A most handy trick!

Waxing your thread will keep it from getting all knotted and tangled (You’re welcome!).

I carefully placed my beads into their cozy new abode!

In ya go!

Now my favorite necklace is safe in its perfectly padded pouch!

A Cozy New Case! :)


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7 thoughts on “Day 206: A Perfectly Padded Pouch

  1. How long have you been sewing? I am planning on buying a sewing machine really soon to start refashioning things for myself (college budget only allows for so many cute outfits at retail haha)
    I have very very little sewing experience but catch on to things pretty quickly

    You are an inspiration for sure!!

  2. I am the proud keeper of a button tin with buttons from Mom and both my Grandmas – what a great use! Really enjoying following you from the beginning- you’re an inspiration!

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