Day 209: Publix Dress

Day 210: Sucker for Seersucker Dress
Day 208: Sarah Dress

When I saw today’s dress, I immediately thought of the logo of a certain grocery store that I love way too much.

Do you see it?
I heart publix! :)

If you’re from up north, then you’ve probably never been to this amazing place of glorious awesomeness.  I absolutely love this store.  The staff is always super-nice, I always seem to run into my friends there, and their produce is delish!  They send me really awesome magazines on eating healthy, too.  :) Plus, I’m a couponer, and they double them there.  :)   I wish I was there right now…*sigh*

Whoa!  I’ve gotta snap out of it!  Anywho…back to this dress.  It really doesn’t need all that much work before it’ll be looking tres chic!

First, I removed a bit from those awkward sleeves.

Sleeve 1 & Sleeve 2!

Then, I took in each side 1.5″.

Pin it...then sew it all down!

After running each side through my machine, I snipped off the extra fabric.


I gave my new sleeves a nice new hem.  This was a little tricky since the sleeve didn’t fit around the arm of my sewing machine (I’ve got to do a push-up one of these days), but I made it work.  :)

Only a little tricky! :)

I’m almost done!  For my last trick, I chopped off just a smidgen from the bottom of the dress so it didn’t hit me mid-knee (the worst length ever!).


By this time, my phone was blowing up with texts from Fella and friends telling me to stop refashioning, and start heading over to Art Bar for Karaoke Night.  Geez…you just can’t get any support around here!  :P

I showed up when I was good and ready…and in high style!  :)

Welcome to Publix! How may I help you?
Sitting Pretty!

While there, I ran into my good friend, Alex.   He’s the one who gave me my first sewing machine a couple of years ago for Christmas.  Without him, you probably wouldn’t be seeing any of this.  Cheers to Alex!  :D

He's pretty swell! :)


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8 thoughts on “Day 209: Publix Dress

  1. Cute cute cute! And I heart Publix too although mine doesn’t double coupons – never seen anyone do that! But they are awesome and I love their Bogos and the staff. Great job on this one!

  2. I live “up north” (Indiana to be precise)…but I happen to know that Publix makes delicious cakes…as that is where my wedding cake came from a few years ago!! ~ My momma lives in Florida, & we married at her church, so I know all about your fave grocery store! ;-)

  3. I love the fabric with the rectangles and circles! Great refashion! I love green and blue together but don’t see it as often as some other color combos (I think when I was in high school a long time ago every dress seemed like it was pink and black and not many other options…it started to get sickening – and what did I wear to senior prom? a pink and black dress…argh – but it was “watermelon,” I swear…) so it’s nice to see both colors together in this fun dress. :)

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